My website always can't browsing


  My website always can't browsing through https , but if i use public ip or http that can browsing normal ,  i haven't change cloudflare settings before until i changed server ip at 1/1/2020. This problem start at 2/1/2020.

website :

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Your server does not respond in time. Assuming your server IP address ends in 219, I cannot really access your site (directly via your server) either as requests time out. You’d need to contact your host about that.

The www domain work fine in public ip (86) now,and others name of domain such as staff , web , www2 …etc also work fine in public ip (219) , but when i apply www to public ip (219) , it must be show timeout when browsing the web , is my settings something wrong ?

Your site seems to load now.

Another issue which you need to fix is that the server at the 219 address does not support HTTPS. You should reconfigure that and install a proper certificate.

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