My website account has been suspended, how can I recover it live?

My website has been suspended. My hosting guy has gone off the radar and I have no way of getting in touch with him. How can I get my website back up and running? I understand that it is with Cloudflare but unless I have a paid account, I can’t talk to a live body. Help!

I take it you don’t have access to the Cloudflare account? Or the web hosting account?

The domain name is the thing to look at. Where is it registered? Do you have access to that? If you have control over the domain name you can get new hosting and point the name there.

However, if you don’t have the hosting account and can’t get in touch with the developer, you’re probably not getting those files back.

There isn’t anything you can do to gain access to your account, as Cloudflare won’t transfer anything to a new account. If you still have control over the domain then you can create a new Cloudflare account and add the domain, this requires you to setup the domain setting from scratch including DNS records.

Yes, I have access to my domain account. I do not have an account w/Cloudflare.

Yes, I have full access to my domain account which is not with Cloudflare. My hosting guy has dropped off the face of the earth and even his website account has been suspended also.

Thank you for your responses.

Unfortunately, it looks like you will have to go through the process of re-setting up your domain on Cloudflare.

Not only will the OP probably have to set up their domain on Cloudflare they may have to redo their entire website if they don’t have their own backup copy of the website that was running with their AWOL Web guy.


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