My websie is not accessible after use cloudflare

helllo,this is my chinese website,when i open on chrome browser, it shows “unsecure” then i followed the tutorial and used free SSL from cloudflare, but afterwards my website is not accesslble i think maybe its banned by government, so what should i do?


退回去是可以用的 你有没有wechat 能不能帮我看看呀? 我昨天用cloudflare的时候是可以访问,但是css不能加载,后来我删除了。今天我看一位网友的教程说打开automatic rewrite可以解决 我就又重新使用了cloudflare 但是现在提示 网站打不开

There seem to be two issues at play

  1. You do not have a certificate on your server
  2. The certificate on Cloudflare has not been issued either.

First, address issue #1 and contact your host to get your site to load properly via HTTPS on your own server.

i strictly followed this tutorial I have worked on this problem for 2days , now im totally confused 2019

That tutorial omits the part where you need to set up a certificate on your server. You need that as your site otherwise will be still insecure. Contact your host and have them configure your site properly for HTTPS.

ok thanks i will try right now

For a certificate you can either get a Lets Encrypt one or an Origin certificate from Cloudflare. Both can be installed on your server.

Once that step is complete we should check out the Cloudflare configuration.

my chrome shows “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH” when i visited" i will forward your advice to my host. anyway,thanks a lot

请将SSL设置为:flexible 不要设置full或其他,另外你的主机也暂时不要添加其他SSL

You couldnt have given worse advice. Do that and you lose all encryption. Also, the SSL mode is not even of relevance in this particular case.

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