My webserver bans cloudflares IP


Hello, I wonder if any else has solved this.

I have a webserver with lots of my websites on cloudflare. My server however bans Cloudflare’s IP when it gets used too much. I can’t whitelist it on my server either because it’s a shared server.

Is there anyway to stop cloudflares IP getting banned by my shared server without upgrading to a VPS server?



If you’re able to install software on your server, Argo Tunnel would probably work, but there’s a chance that they rate limit even the loopback IP ( which would then get all traffic going through argo tunnel rate limited.

I really recommend asking them to whitelist CF IPs, or getting a small ($5/mo) vps for your site.


As it’s a shared server, I highly doubt they can install anything like Argo.

As @Judge recommended, you may have to move your site to use Cloudflare. Or see if your host can whitelist Cloudflare’s IP addresses:


Ok thanks for the tip Judge!