My webpage isn't loading and subdomain isn't working as well

My webpage don’t working and subdomain isn’t loading.

The main site works, but there’s no DNS record for catalogo.

The main website works but it’s loading very slow compared to other websites I have with cloud flare, for example loads very fast, it’s the same theme used for fts cubiertas but on the loading speeds are awful bad for some reason. I’m located in Chile.


It seems to be working now for the main domain.

By the way, for the subdomain how should I add the DNS records? I never had that problem with other domains, only registered the main domain and the subdomains worked accordingly.

Thanks in advance

Absolutely. A hostname won’t work unless it exists in DNS first. Typically, their DNS records would look just like the ‘www’ DNS entry.

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The website seems to be working fine on desktop computers, on mobile devices the loading speeds are very slow. (at least here in Chile).

Im a little bit lost, what dns records should i add in the zone editor in order to have the subdomain working with cloudflare?

Thanks in advance for the help

Please post a screenshot of your existing DNS records here. And black out the actual IP addresses to keep them secret.

Thanks a lot for the prompt response.

It looks like most every subdomain is an “A” record, and I bet they all have the same IP address.

What you need here should look like this, but with the IP address from cPanel:

Thanks a lot for your help sdayman, you are awesome! I added the record to the zone editor.

About loading speeds, do you have any suggestions? because on desktop computers the web is working ok, on mobile devices for some reason its taking ages to load the web. Im using wp rocket aswell on this installation.

Thanks a lot for your help, i really appreciate it a lot, you are the man.

You can run the speed test to see how fast your site’s content is being visible to site visitors Note: You can only run the test 5 times per month with a free plan!

Can you please tell me what that means in English (I don’t speak Spanish, sorry)

It says i cant start the speed test:

    • check configuration between origin and cloudflare.
    • Check firewall rules ( I have none).
  1. *Talk to client support.

Anyways for some reason the website is not working as fast as other websites I have using the same configuration, at least here in Chile the loading speeds are not really good and if you try on a mobile device is even worst, no clue what the problem could be.


Is your website returning an error code (any code expect 200)?

Not at all, and im getting Grade A on GTmetrix over and over again, i believe only because the TTFB timing is pretty good, but it takes years untill you see some content, thats why the picture is just a black screen. (its a dark themed site)

Update: i think i found out a bug which is causing this problem, when you try to load the webpage it wont show content untill you scroll down a bit, very strange… this is turning me crazy, i guess ill have to add some java to make it scroll 1 pixel untill i find a real solution. This is happening on mobile device and desktops no matter what browser you use. Very very frustrating.

Thanks for the help.

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