My webhost has changed the DNS, how do I rescan on cloudflare?



Hello, my webhost has moved my hosting account/website to a new server and has changed the DNS.

I had to manually change the DNS from my registrar to the new DNS provided by the webhost.

I still want to use cloudflare but I don’t know how to rescan the DNS settings that I did when I first added my website.

Is there a page from where I can “recheck” my new nameservers or do I have to add them manually from the DNS tab from cloudflare. I see a lot of data there and the old DNS are at “SRV” column and a lot of ips.

From the overview page from Cloudflare I see status paused but no “recheck nameservers” button.


Not that I’m aware of, though it would be a good feature. The only way to rescan your DNS as far as I’m aware is to delete the site and recreate it on the Cloudflare dashboard.


If your host moved to a new server the only thing changing is likely the IP address of the machine. All you have to do is replace in Cloudflare the “A” record ips in