My webaddress isnt redirecting to my landing page

when i check that my domain will redirect to my landing page, from my computer, it takes me to my webpage. others have check and state that , yes it does redirect, but for some reason it doesnt do it from my computer, macbook air

try clearing cache & cookies. Is this true for Chrome & safari?

It’s the weirdest thing. Checking my link and I’m back my webpage and not the landing page

can you share the links?

app;arently i cant share bthe links, just got j
hands slapped from Cloudflare. so here is my email, we’ll try this outside of Cloudflare so no one gets in trouble. whats a backtick?

This ` is a backtick. You can find it below the Esc key on the same key as the ~.

You can always put a space in the domain, like example com or place brackets around the dot, like example[.]com.

It better to not publish your email address in the forums. If you can still edit your post, it is highly recommended to remove that personal information.


Backtick got it. But how do I get into the forum to edit

Give it a try as in a bracketed dot [.] notation here like www[dot]example[dot]com with us so we could double-check, troubleshoot and provide some feedback information :wink:


I just bumped your permissions such that you should be good to go, lmk if not.

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K I’ll try tomorrow. Got’s tiff going on right now

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