My web site is too slow

Hi! I am Gunce from Turkey. My web site is:
I have worked on my web site during last month. So, I am new for everything! My web site was too slow although ı chose my theme carefully while buying it.Then, I read some blogs and learned sth little… I had used godady but then learned that if ı carry my website to claudflare, it opens quicker. So i moved CDN to cludflare As a result, when i want to measure my web site, it is so slow again. Can you help me for this prob? Thank you…

What are you using to measure your website? It looks like it’s hosted closer to your region, so US-based tests will be slower.

The slowest thing I see on your site is a css file that W3TC minified. Try turning W3TC’s minification off, and use the Cloudflare one instead in the Speed section’s Optimiation options.

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