My web site is down after changed DNS to Cloudflare

The explanations in other community answers not helped.

the message in Crome:
This site can’t be reached
server IP address could not be found.

The domain company say the DNS has been changed,
I got from CloudeFlare mail that my domain is active.
I’m not seen any error message from Cloudflare and still my site is down and I don’t know way and how to fix it.

Please helpppp
My site is now down for 3 hours.



You have no DNS records set up on Cloudflare. You need to make sure they match your original DNS setup. Maybe contact your host for details.

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my host is Bluehost

Do I need to defined Bluehost DNS it in CludeFlare?
or I need to update Bluehost ?

I added in Cloudflare in the domain DNS record section, a new DNS record for bluehost.
the type of the DNS record should be NS?
that should solve the problem?

As Cloudflare is your DNS provider, you need to set up everything DNS related on Cloudflare.

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How can I do it?
I tried to add the DNS data in the CoudFalre settings, type NS (it is correct? I don’t understand the mining of the type field.
Can you explain how to do it?

#tutorial has the details on that.

And no, you do not specify NS records on Cloudflare you need to set up the actual records. Drop these NS records.

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If you are not sure which records to set up, you need to ask your host for assistance or for a DNS export.

Alternatively (if you are not on a paid plan) you could also delete the domain from Cloudflare, set the nameservers back to your host, wait a couple of days, and start the set up again.

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