My web address is showing a different website


When I setup my domain nameservers pointing directly to my hosting providers the web address exactly shows the website on the server. However, when I added my website on Cloudflare and nameservers pointed to Cloudflare, the web address of mine opens another website.

I would be delightful if someone could help me. Thanks in advance.

That sounds like something odd with DNS @user300. Look at the IP address in your DNS tab note the IP address of your origin server (make sure it is correct) and ping the domain to which your site is resolving $ ping I’m guessing it’ll be the same address.

Hi cloonan,

Thank you for the fast response. I’ve re-checked IP addresses on both cPanel and Cloudflare and they are the same. I am turning ON and OFF the orange cloud on Clodflare DNS panel and here are the results:

When the orange cloud is OFF:

When the orange cloud is ON:

This is the exact problem I’m experiencing.

I’d contact your hosting provider, I suspect they’re also hosting the site for Gexel. We’ve seen this issue posted about at least once before on the community, your host needs to look into their configuration and they should be able to straighten it out. Let us know how it goes.

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I’ve seen this happen when the host doesn’t have SSL for your domain, and you have Cloudflare SSL set to Full. The server will present whatever “default” site they have in their configuration for another domain on that server that’s misconfigured.


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