My VPS is getting blocked?!

Hello guys i get this when trying to just bump my posts in the website

IDK what more to do at this point

Sorry you saying your vps is using automation to push posts on an external hosted site not managed by you?

Sounds like they got bot protection if so.

If this is your site, whitelist the IP of your VPS

Its not my site and yes im just autobumping posts to gain visibility

Well I am not sure why you are posting here. This is not a Cloudflare issue.

The website owner has obviously blocked bots and doesn’t want automated tools, I mean you can bypass these things but you will find most of us here are constantly blocking tools like yours.

Not trying to be rude, you may be doing it with the right intentions, but yeah bots are a plague, even non-malicious ones, imagine everyone using automated bots to do what you are doing where does it stop?

Overall, this is not a Cloudflare issue, contacting the website owner is my best advice and get it whitelisted.

Also, if your VPS is on a decent provider your IP maybe get blacklist reports to AbuseIPDB, many here do this with fail2ban and so on, for example, VULTR will banish you quickly for such activities of getting their IP’s blacklisted, this isn’t for all hosts but you must understand I see so many posts of people having their projects wiped from hosts these days for similar actions.


Thank you for your precise answer mate!

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