My videos stop playing all the way through now

I took some screenshots to show when the problems began (the sudden need to purge shows up in the cf account activity log)
This shows when the purges started to become necessary (topmost screenshot). I don’t know why i didn’t take screenshots of the rest of the 24th and any of the 25th (just a lot of purges for those days). But here’s where it started anyway.

Does anyone know why my videos play great for a few days then they get cut (like someone just hit the rewind button back to the start of the video and there it stops)…it’s happened enough now in the past few days that I instinctively go to cf and purge the cache.

Is there something I can do to automate this because I’m getting old(er)?

As a side note. Before I tried cf stream all my videos played perfectly (I’m not jumping to conclusions, I am however stating the factual account). After I realized that using cf stream meant more work for me, I canceled properly and told cf to keep the change. Truth be told, i tried it with a video but the video was larger than I wanted and just the thought of hunting down all the 57 video’s numerous locations in a thousand pages just wore me out thinking about it.

But anyway, now i’ve seen some anomalies and I’m wondering if the cache can be poisoned, can it get poisoned? This is the second or third time that purging did the trick solid-like.

p.s. One of the anomalies is that as of a couple of days ago the login to cf is doing strange things. Either it doesn’t quite load pages or I get stuff like this (see screenshot)

Here’s another one:

Also clicking onto a thumbnail of say the firewall button in cf (or any of them) oftentimes now lock up the entire browser. See next screenshot. It happened in firefox and epiphany so far (more than a couple times for each browser).

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