My videos are stuck in "Downloading" state

I am building a video competition web for a client, and now my videos are stuck in the “Downloading” state.

It was working well before I delete all the videos as preparation for production. And it was processed fast, like 10 seconds.

And their support is way too slow for this kind of disruption. My web is completely dead, and Cloudflare just doesn’t care.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Was working about an hour ago, but as of about 20-30 minutes ago, files uploaded via a link are stuck in the downloading state. There’s no error messages or anything that would indicate problems. The download link submitted is accessible publicly as well.

Yes, upload via dashboard is working well. I am uploading using link via API btw

The videos that were stuck are now working properly, they seemed to resolve on their own. A little more information or at least a note on the status page would be nice when these things happen - but it is working now.

Just noticed it too. Now is working well. I believe we deserve some kind of postmortem or at least some kind of information in cloudflarestatus

the pain of free users…