My users are from one city, can CDN help

My site is about Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,I already have Cloudflare account, my hosting is in UK, my users are in Riyadh.
How can I set up things so users from Riyadh get things faster, I read about Argo, but dont know if it would help.
I know CF have a node/point whatever they call it in Riyadh, so do I need extra settings or will it serve users from nearest point?

Thanx in advance

Cloudflare does have a datacentre in Riyadh, so if your users’ ISPs actually route them to that very datacentre you could potentially get an improvement in performance as all cacheable resources would be served locally instead of from the UK. There is no guarantee though that your users will be actually routed to the Saudi Arabian PoP.

You can check where your own ISP routes you to by checking It should mostly say “RUH”.

Strange, thats what I get when checking:
Likely not a Cloudflare website!

I set my DNS using DNSipmle, my CF dashboard says:

! Partner hosted zone

Your DNS zone file is hosted by DNSimple , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.

am I missing something?

I was not referring to your site in particular, but to what the page generally shows.

Whats your domain?

As you pointed out, you are not on a proper setup but just a partner setup through your host, in which case only “www” is routed through Cloudflare. Hence if you want to check your site you will need to check

But again, my comment was not about your site but about your connection.

Thanx, Ill check with DNSimple people.
The test returns LHR HEATHROW

Thanx again

That might mean, at least your ISP is not routing you to the local datacentre but to the UK instead. You might want to check with a few other people you know in your region.

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