My USA traffic is disappearing or blocked in CF network

Hi so we are a paid customer of Cloudflare. We have a good domain name that should be getting us lots of direct traffic.

However, according to our origin server’s analytics script, the number of sessions from USA is about 144 (in 24 hours).

And if I examine the number of US visits on the Edge from Cloudflare analytics, it’s about 4820! (in 24 hours).

Here is one image of the number of visits per 24 hours, according to CF’s own Analytics:

So somewhere traffic is disappearing, and we don’t have a clue where. Is there anyone here who could help us with this problem?

This is destroying our business unfortunately as total traffic has come down to about 400 daily! Thanks in advance.

Here is an image from our origin server’s Analytics script showing US sessions in 24 hours: