My url isn't cache


I try to put an url in cache, but it doesn’t work.

My url is this one :

I have had rule*
With Cache level every thing and Browser cache TTL One hour.

But is not in cache because when i delete the php of page, the content disappear :frowning:
I hope some could help me.

Have you tried setting an edge cache ttl?

I just tried and it is working right now :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.

But what is edge Cache TTL ? :blush:

Edge cache TTL is the “Time-to-live” for the edge (or Cloudflare’s servers) cache. Basically how long before Cloudflare requires the cache update. If it’s set to “8 hours” and Cloudflare’s cache is over 8 hours old it’ll serve it direct from your site otherwise it’ll serve the cached version.

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