My universal ssl not activated

Hi , I am new to Cloudflare. My universal SSL is active but my site is still showing not secured. How to install SSL on my site? kindly help.

You need to have SSL before you start with Cloudflare, so that’s a question for your host.

cloudfare provides free universal ssl

It does not. You need SSL on your server first.

Could you explain it? i have transferred my name servers on cloudfare

Sorry, won’t. I only explained it ten times yesterday, and another ten times the day before. → There’s the search.

i am new to this platform… ok i will search

That’s a good start, as that topic comes up on a daily basis and there are literally hundreds of such threads.

Bottom line, your server needs to work fine on HTTPS before Cloudflare and then you can add Cloudflare to the mix. Also search for “Origin certificates” as these are provided by Cloudflare for installation on your server.

thanks Mr @sandro

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