My ubuntu server on cloudflare with Cronjob that access a local route comes from different IP everytime.

As the title says, I have a cronjob that access a local flask route every few minutes. I noticed that on the nginx access logs, this request comes from a different IP rather than the local IP of the server.

Is the fact that the DNS of my server now hosted on Cloudflare the reason why my local cronjobs seem to come from different IPs everytime? Im not sure if this was the case before moving it to cloudflare so would like to rule out this possibility.
Thank you

Hi @carlos.salazar1,

If your DNS record is proxied :orange:, Cloudflare will make requests to your origin server from their IP addresses. Therefore, if your cronjob is accessing your proxied domain, the requests will appear to originate from another IP address. If you want to recover the real IP address of the client making requests, you should look at the CF-Connecting-IP header.

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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