My TXT record is not propagating which is blocking Sendgrid domain authentication

I am trying to authenticate my domain on Sendgrid, but have encountered a few issues.

Sendgrid requires 2 TXT records and 1 is verified and the other is not. I checked the missing TXT record on DNS Checker and it is not showing a result either.

Here’s an image of my DNS record on the Cloudflare dashboard.

Any ideas how to resolve this? I was facing the same issue for CNAME records containing underscores in Sendgrid’s standard automated security authentication.

What is the domain?

To see the TXT record you have to look up, you can’t see it by looking up the records for just

The domain is and here is the DNS lookup link

It’s not resolving which is odd. Can you try to delete the record from the Cloudflare DNS then create it again?

What is the other TXT record? (the one that’s working).

Well I ended up deleting a bunch of old TXT records from the last domain owner now it’s working. I’m not sure why that conflicted because none had the same subdomain, but it’s resolved now. Thanks for your help!

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