My TXT and MX records are not being updated

I have added new MX and TXT records but when I check the records using nslookup, I get nothing. i.e. the updated do not reflect.

These records are useful to validate my domain on Mailgun. This is a service I want to use to send out automated emails.

TXT and MX LOOKUP screenshots

Hi @coremuscle,

when you typed in the name for the MX records you misspelled your domain making the records variations of

Change the name and add only the part before the actual domain name. Excluding the root one (meaning no subdomain at alll) all others should have the domain listed in the name inside the UI.


Might be what you want, but are you sure the MX records are going to be on a subdomain of the main domain?

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Thank you for this. Let me try this and respond.
I want the MX records to be a subdomain as instructed by mailgun.

Yeah, you mistyped the domain in mailgun as well. Correct that and you can copy and paste. It didn’t work well because, given the domain wasn’t there, cloudflare assumed it was all part of the subdomain section.

I get the subdomain thing in the MX records, though.

Hi @matteo,

I have made the changes as shown below. i.e. excluding the root from the record and only typing the subdomain part.

Still nothing so maybe let me wait

@sdayman I have submitted a ticket too.

If the domain typo is fixed in Mailgun (and the DKIM record is updated, if needed) this will work. The records are good, the ticket isn’t at all needed.

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Thank you for this. It was an oversight on my part.

Do close the ticket, please :slight_smile:

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