My Tunnels stopped working with as DNS

Wondering, if I’m the only one who has problems with the reachability of tunnels when using as dns server on the clients.
I’ve about 10 tunnels which are not reachable anymore if you change your dns settings to
With everything ist working as expected.
There is no special config. All Tunnels pointing to https ://localhost:443 or http ://localhost:80.

Anyone else?

Thanks, Stephan!

Hello. Try settings your IPv4 DNS to the following:



Is it that you’re having issues with tunnels when the host running the internal services has for DNS, or is the issue when clients try to connect to the public-facing tunnel URL with

If it’s the former, I’m interested to see if running my tunnels through will fix my connectivity issues.

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It’s the latter.
If clients (mobile phones, notebooks, …) have configured as their primary dns, they can’t connect to the service.
If i change the dns settings to e.g. or any other non-Cloudflare dns server, everything is ok.

Have you tried the following DNS:


They’re alternative IPs to and

The DNS settings

    working perfectly.

The problem is, I can’t tell everyone who is accessing my public services to change their dns settings.
According to my understanding, this must be a Cloudflare related problem.

For me, this is easily reproducable:

  1. Create a tunnel
  2. Install the tunnel on a private machine (e.g. on docker)
  3. Let the public hostname point to the local service
  4. Test the setup with tor network → everything is fine
  5. Test the setup on a machine with dns configured to → connection timout

The other option which comes to my mind is, that this could be an ISP problem.

This isn’t a solution to your issue, but I went ahead and switched my tunnel host from to and suddenly my tunnel connections aren’t dropping anymore (after months of having that problem). Seems something is very wrong with recently.

Nevermind, my issue persists.

What is the DNS name the users are trying to resolve? T