My TTFB is quite poor. How do I improve it?

Hello, please have a look at my website’s performance.

As you can see, the files load blazing-fast, but the TTFB is really high. How do I reduce the TTFB?

I have heard that I can use Page rules to cache homepage HTML, but this is a blog site and I don’t think that will be a good idea. The homepage has dynamic assets and new blogs get posted frequently.

Any help in improving my website’s TTFB will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot

You’re certainly welcome to do a search here for TTFB, but if your site is running WordPress, try APO.

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Thanks so much. I have followed the topics on Cloudflare community and one reply helped me to fix all my problems.

I have set two page rules and disabled Always use HTTPS:

  1. Rule for* and forward it to$1
  2. Match* and forward it to$1

Now with lesser redirects, my site is loading very fast.

Thanks so much for the support.

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There are still issues that can be adressed according to I also noticed a speed increase when using https instead of http and http/2.

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