My transfer is taking forever

My domain transfer has now stayed longer than 5 days somebody please help

It can take up to five days, if you havent expedited it on your registrar’s side.

It is already past five days

Whats the domain

That domain was last updated four days ago, not five.

Anyhow, it has a pending transfer and I’d expect it to transfer soon. If it doesnt, you need to contact your registrar and ask why it is delayed.

However, it doesnt have Cloudflare nameservers, so that should be fixed too.

The entire domain does not seem to be active on Cloudflare. Could it be that it got disabled because you moved it away? You might also want to contact Cloudflare’s support and immediately correct the nameservers.

I am transferring it to cloudflare

That does not address what I wrote and is clear from your very first posting anyhow.

As it seems, the domain never has been on Cloudflare and hence couldnt be transferred either.

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