My 'Time spent downloading a page' at Google increased 2x after starting to use Cloudflare


Some months ago, I started with CloudFlare (“Pro Plan”) trying to speed up and protect my website. However, within my Google Search Console, the ‘Time spent downloading a page’ passed automatically from an average of 185 msec to 300 msec, with the same HTML code in the origin server and with the same rate of ‘Pages crawled per day’ (around 100,000 per day).

I’m not able to come back to the previous speed rates, and my ranking in Google is being damaged. Any suggestion or similar experiences are welcome.

This is my configuration:

  • SSL activated: “Full” encryption mode; Let’s Encrypt certificates working on the origin server; Dedicated certificates” on CloudFlare
  • Firewall: Security Level = Medium; Bot Fight Mode = Off; Challenge Passage = 30 minutes; Browser Integrity Check = On; Privacy Pass Support = On
  • Speed Optimization: Polish = Lossless; Auto Minify = JS+CSS+HTML; Brotli = On; HTTP/2 Prioritization = On; TCP Turbo = Enabled; Mirage = On; Rocket Loader = Off; AMP Real URL = Off
  • Caching: Caching Level = Standard; Cache Expiration = 1 year; Always Online = On; Development Mode = Off;

I see that other users are experiencing the same problem, without any fix for it.

Thank you!

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