My system which is protected by cloudflare is not recieving some emaisl from gmail and other senders "no MX" record or "domain does not exist" are two known errors

I don’t find any errors on reputation list and ip lists. It just occurred to me maybe Cloudflare is blocking or not showing the MX records or properly sharing DNS information. There was an indecent with one of the accounts on this server, the email was compromised two weeks ago and appeared on one reputation monitor but it now has a Good Standing for both the IP address an domain name.

What domain?

I’ve always hidden domain info. If the problem persists I will re-post. Email started coming in last night right after this post however! Its possible that because of out country blocking efforts using Imunify as the server security software that anyone using google dns hosted in blocked country. As soon as the blocks were removed (or just about that time) previously blocked messages started coming in. This was a huge cooinsidence as during last week we had to fix our reputation on a big scanner /. that lots of people use. That was causing and Outgoing mail problem… so two things; Google DNS block from other countries - causing the errors and not delivery mentioned, and Removal from a big cisco based reputation manager effecting outgoing email for some companies! Great week (not). Thanks for your interest in helping.

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