My svr record doesnt seen at public internet (Minecraft)

My A record and SRV record works properly at my local network. How can i make that public for my friends?

Did you maybe use a local IP in your A record? What is your domain/subdomain for minecraft?

My minecraft server is on an another computer so i only know that computers local ip

That is indeed a local IP address that only works from computers within your network.

I would recommend that you have a look at some tutorials on how to host your Minecraft server at home, they usually cover thinks like finding your IP address, setting up port forwarding and whatever is required.

Also, your SRV record as it it does nothing. If you deleted it right now, nothing would change. You only need an SRV record if your Minecraft does not use port 25565 or if you want to use the same hostname to also have a website, or any other service.


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