My subdomain is resolving to the wrong DNS

Having issues when i created a new cPanel in my WHM to go to a subdomain ( and I put in an A record inside of CF to go to the host’s IP. However, I get a 526 error on that domain and when I check WhatsMyDNS, I see the IP address currently for that subdomain is and that’s incorrect. Any ideas why and how to resolve it?

You get that address because you are proxying through Cloudflare. A 526 means you dont have a valid certificate on your server.

Thanks. I thought so, but when I discussed it with my host (InMotion Hosting), they said it was CloudFlare that was the problem because of the setup with their DNS even though I was pointing the A record to their IP.

I did turn off the CDN for on the CF side. So at least i can get into the site right now. Which is fine because of the fact it’s just meant to be a staging and not a live, public server. So I’ll take that for now, bur obviously I’d like to resolve this.

I should also mention they said that because my subdomain was pointing to CF, I could not get a SSL on their server for that reason. At least not one issued by AutoSSL.

The usual fairy tales told by hosts :slight_smile:

The issue is you have a self-signed certificate. This is better than what many other people have (no certificate at all) but is still an issue under “Full strict”.

My advice at this point would be to replace that certificate with an origin certificate from Cloudflare. Such a certificate would be recognised under “Full strict”.

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