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Hello World!

I need everyone's urgent help. Please help me, i have just made a free account on Cloudflare. hats off to cloud flare that my domain - is working (Please note that will be redirected to, so use /admin for yourls). But i have created a subdomain ( an hour ago and i am not able to access it. Please help me in setting the dns settings.. Please see the attachments.

Please note that acme-challenge dns must be ignored and I dont need www version of my website. When I create a and aaaa records for I get an error(A CNAME already exists with that host. (Code: 81054)) and I am not able to create records after cname records. Please Help me As Fast As You can

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As far as I can tell, the nameservers on point to


with no response or show as no nameservers found.

But the /admin is working with YOURLS with a Cloudflare cert.

Are you sure the nameservers are configured correctly? How recently was it configured with Cloudflare?

nslookup shows it as non-existent domain - i.e. no nameservers

No bro, check the attachment…

I see no attachment here

ohh sorry

how to attach attachments?

AFAIK you can only share images or links here.

att1cdn see%20this

I am so sorry for the late attachments… I forgotten! :frowning:

Do you have any answer sir?

Thanks Cloudflare team for this Quick Resolution… My domain is working now!

I was just looking at the screenshots and information provided, redirects to as you said it should. The /admin returns YOURLS as it should and the subdomain is pointing to a new WordPress installation. I see no issues.

Glad it is all sorted now

thx… :slight_smile:

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