My subdomain is landing on a different website, host says it's SSL

Subdomain directing to wrong website

My subdomain is landing on and I don’t know why. I have no affiliation to the website.

Both sites are hosted by the same host - they say the issue is with the Cloudflare SSL. Could this be the case?

I believe it would have to be an issue on the host’s end.

You are correct, the headers indicate that the redirect that does it is on your origin server (as it also contains a PHP header that won’t be from Cloudflare)…

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I see that the redirect is by WordPress. Most often this is when the URL doesn’t match the Site URL configured in WordPress. Which SSL Mode do you have set under TLS/SSL Edge Certificates?

The fact that the target is aaaautomotive makes me think the origin server isn’t configured for the hostname you’ve set up, and is unfortunately configured to direct all unknown traffic to the first domain in its configuration, alphabetically.

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