My subdomain is giving 404 error

I have listed a subdomain in DNS
Name: sagarspeaks
IPv4 address: My server IP

It is more than 24 hours now, still, I am unable to access my wp-admin. I spoke to my server support, they asked me to wait for some time.
It’s more than 24 hours now, how long should I wait now?

Please help!

May I ask what is your domain name?

Regarding nameserver change for a domain, if that was in between, usually it’s up to 24 hours due to DNS propagation.

I assume your “full” sub-domain is like, is that correct?

Therefore, what kind of a DNS type record you added?
Is it an A or CNAME type?
Furthermore, is it being proxied via Cloudflare at your DNS tab - :orange: or :grey: cloud next to that hostname (subdomain DNS record)?
Does anything change if you switch from :orange: to :grey:, or vice-versa?

404 error

What kind of an error do you get?
Have you tried flushing your router DNS or restarting your router?
How about clearing Web browser cache?

404 error usually comes from your web origin host/server.

Nevertheless, it could also be related in someway with an SSL setup and settings.
May I ask what kind of SSL option have you got selected under SSL/TLS tab at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain? (Flexible, Full …)

Yes, you can assume this domain:
It is an A type
Yes, it is proxied through DNS Tab (Orange Cloud)
Nothing changed when switching from orange to grey. (I switched to grey and it showed not secure but 404 error was still there)


This is the error I’m getting when accessing wp-admin

Sorry, this page doesn’t exist.
Please check the URL or go back a page.
404 Error. Page Not Found.


Yes, I tried flushing browser cache, I tried with my mobile network, also in incognito mode, still the same issue

Under SSL Settings, I have selected FULL

Please help.

May I ask are you sure you were accessing your WordPress dashboard with wp-admin, or maybe you were running some plugin like Hide My WP and have different admin URL?

Furthermore, have you checked in your WordPress database, is the WordPress installation correctly pointed to your sub-domain URL (home_url, site_url)?

Also, depending what kind of a Web server you are using, is the correct path location being added in .htaccess file - if WordPress is installed under a sub-directory / sub-domain, it has to have something before / slash regarding the instructions from the article below:

Regarding SSL settings, it is recommend to have Full (Strict).
Have you had an SSL certificate before moving to Cloudflare?
Also to note, was the SSL certificate covering your sub-domain too or only main domain?

Here is a great article how to propperly setup an SSL while using Cloudflare:

As 404 is not a Cloudflare error, either when you switched back to :grey: cloud, I could just suggest more and more stuff, but I am afraid that would be out of a scope for this forums.

Moreover, kindly check the CHMOD for upper and inner directory (755) and for files (644).

Other helpful articles:

Otherwise, I am afraid your WordPress could be hijacked or contain malware, so some kind of a software like cPanel ClamAV or ImunifyAV could delete some files and they are actually missing?
Re-check if there are the needed files and directories too.

I changed my SSL from full to flexible, now the subdomain is working but my main domain is not working. What is this going on?

Please help.

Obviously there is an issue with your SSL certificate at your host origin/server which does or doesn’t cover both your main and your sub domain, and potentially some other like www, mail, etc.

Using above articles from my previous post(s) you can identify, fix and propperly setup the secure (HTTPS) connection using SSL certificate between your Website, Cloudflare and an end-visitor.

Furthermore, you can also use Cloudflare CA Origin certificate and have Full (Strict) SSL option. Kindly, see more and step-by-step instructions on the below article:

Furthermore, Flexible isn’t the option to go with as there are know issues related to it, more information can be found on below link:

My hosting is also giving the FREE SSL, whose SSL I’m using currently? I have no idea.
If they are also giving, Cloudflare also giving, then what option should I choose here in SSL. OFF/Flexible/Full/Full(Strict)?

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