My subdomain hosted at Bluehost is not working

Can I redirect to https, will that be a problem?

That should work without problems. Though you can do that with Cloudflare as well. Just enabled “Always use HTTPS” under Crypto.

Thanks for the help. I’ve the last question, what should I do to get the www. working.

You’d need to set up the appropriate record in your DNS settings and purchase a $10/month dedicated certificate from Cloudflare.

Is that specific for subdomains only? My main domain works fine with www.

What is specific? The record or the dedicated certificate?

I want to redirect www. to non www. for my subdomain. I tried with different page rules but it was not working.

Which www? dot com to https://in.deals96 dot com

Do you also want to redirect that host on HTTPS or only from HTTP to HTTPS?


In that case I can only refer you to

Once that is configured you can set up a page rule.

My main intention is to redirect www.
Only http to https is fine.

You just said both!

Sorry, but it is a tad difficult to impossible to suggest anything if the requirements and assumptions change every five seconds.

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I do not know which costs before hand so, I thought if it’s possible fine.
Please excuse me in this regard and help me out to redirect www.

So what is it now? A redirect for HTTP and HTTPS or only HTTP?

The redirection only for http.

As already mentioned, you will need to set up the appropriate DNS record ( and create a page rule performing the redirect.

For the former check out Adding DNS Records, for the latter Using page rules to perform redirects

Thank you so much for the help.

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