My subdomain hosted at Bluehost is not working


Recently I added my domain to cloudflare. The main domain is working fine, but the sub domain isn’t working. I added the A record in the cloudflare DNS.
Please help me, I waited for more than 10 hours.

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Post the host.


Host is Bluehost


Not the name of the webhost, the host name you were referring to and which is allegedly not working.


You mean to say the domain name?


The domain name is part of the host name, but you seem to have an issue with a specific host.


When I connected the main domain through cloudflare, it was working fine. I added the A record of the subdomain but it’s not working.


Wonderful! And are we supposed to guess now?


in.deals96 dot com is the subdomain I was referring to.


Well, the host is working. However it is redirecting to and that host is not only not defined, but wouldnt work with HTTPS on Cloudflare anyhow.

You need to remove that redirect. Did you configure a page rule?


Yes, I’m using redirection to https. For the main domain also I’m using it.
Is subdomain not allowed to do that?


I didnt say you are redirecting to HTTPS, I said you redirect to www.

Post a screenshot of your page rules on Cloudflare.


I was referring to the page rules, not the DNS records.

But anyhow, that works too. The redirect comes straight from your server. That is where you need to remove it.


Which redirection I should remove? I’m not clear.


The redirection to www. Please read my previous responses. This is not Cloudflare related.


Yes, I removed the redirection to www.


So it seems.


Can I redirect to https, will that be a problem?


That should work without problems. Though you can do that with Cloudflare as well. Just enabled “Always use HTTPS” under Crypto.


Thanks for the help. I’ve the last question, what should I do to get the www. working.