My subdomain don't working with Cloudflare

My subdomain is not work in Cloudflare…my hosting say’s: This issue of SSL is issued for your domain from CloudFare. You will have to consult the issue with them.
Can you help me?

This is not the FQDN you use. Your FQDN actually is: and this is not a subdomain, but a sub-subdomain. Default SSL Certs can just cover the APEX domain and subdomains.

Please change your FQDN from to and it will work, or order a paid SSL Cert.

Sorry, I’m new in this, where I should change FQDN on DNS records or in wordpress?

You are actually using this DNS entry ‘www.rus’ which you have to modify (remove ‘www’) to ‘rus’ to make it a subdomain, that is covered by the SSL Cert.

In Wordpress you need to change your Wordpress Address and Site Address and remove the “www” from it.

Maybe more changed/modifications are required in order, to make your Wordpress installation adopt to the new subdomain.

Then it should work.

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Ok, thank you, I will try it…

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