My subdomain DNS records gets automatically removed?

Hi everyone.

I have a domain which has a different hosting from my subdomain. Though when I insert the DNS records for my subdomain after a while they just disappear?! I have been this issue since this early afternoon and i don’t know how to resolve it.

This may be due to an API call to your account. From the Cloudflare Dashboard, click on “Audit Log” at the top of the screen and look for Actions related to DNS.

Thank you @sdayman for replying. Checked in the “Audit Log” section and it seems that my subdomain DNS records gets automatically deleted every hour. And I can barely understand why it’s happening. Here is a screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot

That’s an API call. Somewhere, you’ve set up a process to update your DNS records. If you can’t track that down, you can change your API key so that process will no longer delete that DNS record.

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