My subdomain dns always get removed

Hy everyone, hope your doing well.
my probleme is with my subdomain, i’ve added it’s dns monday and everything worked fine but on the next day the subdomain stoped working, i enterd to dns on my cloudflare account and find out that the subdomain dns is removed, same thing happend yesterday, I’ve added the dns again and it worked but today dns is removed again.
please if anyone have a solution to this, help me.

stay safe.

This usually happens if you have a third party DNS management service using your API key. You’ll probably see entries in the Audit Log that you can view from the top of the Cloudflare Dashboard.

from the audit log ican see that my subdomain dns always get removed
any solution?

It’s one of two things, and either should be apparent in the log:

  1. Someone has logged in and deleted the record.
  2. A third party has made an API call to delete that domain.

Corresponding solutions:

  1. It’s you, and you need to stop doing that. Or, it’s someone else and you should change your password.
  2. Change your Global API key:

The probleme was:

A third party has made an API call to delete that domain.

I’ve changed the global api key and now everything is okay

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