My stripe email is not working after connectiong to cloudflare

Since activating my Cloudflare account my clients no longer receive my custom emails from Stripe. If I delete the Stripe cname records in my Cloudflare account will that solve the issue.

Make sure those CNAME records are set to :grey: DNS Only.

Thank you for the quick response. Did I need to do that before I pointed my nameserver to Cloudflare or can I unproxy the cname now. If I do it know will that open my ip address and make it vulnerable.

Those Stripe CNAME records shouldn’t point to your own server. Don’t they point to a subdomain at Stripe?

When you set up a Stripe account you copy and paste the cname records from your hosting company into your Stripe account to set up the custom email. Once the nameserver is pointed away from my hosting company the link between my hosting company and Stripe is broken. That is why I thought the best way to fix the problem would be to just delete the cname record from the Cloudflare account. That way those records are not pointed at Cloudflare. I’m just not clear if deleting the cname records will mess with how my Cloudflare account functions. I guess my main question do the cname records need to be on my Cloudflare account for it to work. Thank you again for your quick response. I have searched high and low on the internet for information on this issue.

That seems really backwards. What CNAME records would those be? Most of my domains don’t use CNAME records at all.

Starting a Stripe account is similar to Cloudflare. Stripe has to verify the website and your ownership of the website. 6 Cname records are then set up in your DNS zone for the Stripe custom email account. I then copy and paste those cname records back into my Stripe account to set everything up. I’m sure it is a security thing. I don’t understand why Cloudflare needs those Cname records. Those are the only Cname records in my DNS zone records and they only pertain to my stripe email. Do you think it is OK to just delete from my Cloudflare account.

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