My ssl not work

Hi Dear Sir/Madam,

i hope you are doing very well, kindly check my site ssl is active but not working with https and my setting here

crypto setting

page rules

when i am check my ssl status there showing ssl working fine.

please check and tell me how can i setup may b i am missing some setting.


Dont use Flexible. Switch that to Full strict and make sure you have a valid HTTPS certificate on your server.

Your server seems to listen on HTTPS, however it neither has a valid certificate for your domain nor is even configured to serve your domain on HTTPS.

You should contact your host about that.


sandro i don’t have my own ssl in my server so i want to use Cloudflare ssl what i do ?


I realise you dont have it, hence my advice to configure it on your server. Contact your host and get a certificate configured for your domain.

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ok dear thanks

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