My ssl not showing on my domain

my ssl not showing on my domain. Any help

Hi @halfslashgh,

Could you please share your domain name and what the issue with SSL is so the community can have a look?

The domain is

I see a valid SSL connection. What error are you seeing when you connect?

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Its not reflecting on my link ( as url) kindly check the screenshot

It looks like it could be that your site has mixed content meaning that it is loading item with http and https.

If you click the lock, it should explain why it is happening.

Upon further inspection, you have
<script async="" src="//"></script>
my guess is that browser are loading it with http as it has not been choosen for https.

ok let me do it as you said and get back to you soon.

can you please tell what to do eaxctly please

You need to find where that line exists and add https to the start so it matches the other ones.

which line please?

We don’t know, it seems the problem is fixed :slight_smile:

<script async="" src="//

For some years the protocol relative URL has been an anti-pattern. Where assets are available over HTTPS, then you should always use HTTPS.

Using the Automatic HTTPS Rewrites setting can help eliminate most mixed-content warnings.

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