My SSL is still not working

Day 8 and my SSL is still not working. I have a valid cert with Cloudflare until 2037. Why is it not working? My host keep telling me it is Cloudflare’s fault. And then Clouflare says it is my hosts problem. Who is right? Who should I trust? Cpanel shows it is all green. Re-keying is done. I have attached an image they sent me upon checking my website. Can someone tell me what it means? Also, can someone help me fix this? People in the community keep telling me steps to go through and say things to me as if I am tech savvy. I am not. I just need help to fix this issue.

No, its not a 522 error anymore. It says a privacy security issue. Even though I have a SSL until 2037. What could it be?

This is an origin certificate, exclusively for use with proxied records.

Make sure that the DNS record for your website is Proxied (:orange:) since it’s currently DNS Only (:grey:)

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My host is saying to check if my site is set to proxied and it is. What else could it be?

My host said this to me “currently I see there is a self signed certificate issued from Cloudflare which made the website not secure you.” How do I do this the most simplest way possible? Please don’t send me any steps or links to follow as if I am tech savvy. Can someone help me with this?

So can you help me resolve this? I need assistance to do this because all explanations to me are foreign.

OK, so are you currently fixing it for me? If so, I highly appreciate your help.

It is the issue @KianNH described earlier, make sure the relevant records are proxied and Cloudflare is not paused.

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I unpaused it and the site is back up. On the site it says ssl cert valid until 2023 based on the edge cert but my origin cert is valid until 2037? What is the difference between edge cert and origin cert?

Origin cert secures the connection between Cloudflare and your server, Edge cert secures the connection between the site visitors and Cloudflare.

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So judging by my site, is the issue fixed? Do I have an SSL?

Yes, however, since you’re using a Cloudflare Origin Certificate, you must keep the traffic proxied through Cloudflare. If you unproxy the traffic, it’ll break. If you want a more flexible certificate with will work with unproxied traffic, use LetsEncrypt on your server and make sure automatic renewal works.

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