My SSL is Not Working For My Website

My SSL is Not working I purchased it from Cloudflare and need clarity on why it’s not working and my site is still unsecured.

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I understand the issue you are facing. It could be due to number of misconfiguration. Why don’t you start with this? #tutorial

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What sort of issue are you having? I have also tried to setup SSL on my sites today and am experiencing “Invalid SSL certificate” errors hitting the sites. Which I think is being caused by CF generating certificates issued to sni[.]cloudflaressl[.]com instead of a wildcard to my domain. This has happened to both of the certificates I created for different domains.

I followed the steps to download the public and private keys, combined them into a pfx file and installed it onto the Windows server - all of that seemed to go just fine it’s just getting browsers to trust the certificate which is failing for me.

Previously when I generated certificates from CF it would issue the certificate to the wildcard domain name and all worked perfectly fine.

What’s the SSL/TLS setting?

If it’s flexible: You are making a BIG mistake!

Full is not acceptable either!

You should use Full (Strict) and only Full (Strict)

Please read this documentation:

If any error, it would not resolve!

I take it all back, it was my mistake, the ports were crossed over on the websites so it was a legitimate certificate error. Sorted it now though.


Well. :grinning: Thanks for the update @n_hibbert

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