My SSL is not showing on my website

Hi everyone!
I need help!
So recently I linked my website because I wanted to add my SSL to it. I replaced my nameservers with cloudfares name servers and the SSL secure button does not show. It will just say Not Secure.

Please someone help me!

My website is ‘red host hub . com’ (I could not put it normally since it would not let me) also would not let me use the already formatted option.

Afraid that’s not how it works and that’s why you have that error. Your site needs to work fine on HTTPS before you use Cloudflare. Fix that with your host and it will also work on Cloudflare.

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Hi there sandro!
Thanks for your response!
I had purchased it from google domains which provided me with a SSL certificate but then when I changed my nameservers from googles default ones to Cloudflare’s nameservers it went wrong!

Pause Cloudflare and contact your host to get your site working fine on HTTPS. You can either use the certificate Google issued or your host configures it. If you need to get a certificate on your own, then you can get an Origin certificate, but that still needs to be configure on their server.

Once your site loads on HTTPS, it will also work on Cloudflare.

Hi there!
But if I change the configure redirect post to any google site it will work with the SSL but then I change it to custom nameservers it will not display the SSL anymore.

I did not say you should change nameservers, I said you should pause Cloudflare and talk to your host.

Currently I will be changing my custom name servers onto a random google site I made then it will display the SSL certificate.

Again, I didn’t say that.

Why do I need to talk to my host if the SSL works perfectly without the custom nameservers.

Because your site is obviously not correctly configured, otherwise Cloudflare would not throw an error.

Or you configured the wrong IP address, but that’s also something you need to discuss with your host. So pause Cloudflare and talk to your host to clarify that.

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I got it now!
(Cloudflare did not throw an error it just did not display the SSL secure
I have provided a screenshot of the website and what it is displaying

Cloudflare does throw an error and that’s because of mentioned issue.

You really need to talk to your host and fix the server first.

Ok thanks for your help!


Hi there!
I have contacted google domains and they said it is done.
But now it says ‘Invalid SSL certificate Error’ and the code is 526.
Please could you help me!

Sorry, but you haven’t even completed the first step.

Forgot I had to do that!

No worries, proceed as discussed and it should work when you have finished all steps.

I have done and paused it!
Now should I contact them again (if so can you tell me what to say)

It’s all at My SSL is not showing on my website - #6 by sandro

Can’t tell you what you need to say, but your site needs to work.

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