My SSL / HTTPS Certificate is not working & just available for the first second


I have added to Cloudflare for my free SSL certificate. But it is not working. When I change my SSL/TSL encryption mode on full (strict) I get a 526 Error.

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Julius Junfert


It sounds like your server doesn’t have a TLS/SSL certificate for your website. It needs one. Cloudflare has one you can install:

I installed one… when you open the website you see that there is one. But it doesn’t work after one sec.

It looks like it’s working now.

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First thank you for your time. I really don’t know what I should do :confused:

But why does my chrome browser say “not safe”

That’s a “Mixed Content” error…but in German. :slight_smile:


Okay I got it. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

This Video was very helpful for me: How To Fix Mixed Content Errors On WordPress Tutorial 2020 - How To Fixed Mixed Content Errors - YouTube


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