My SSL doesn't work Godaddy/CloudFlare

I did all the procedures and the ssl doesn’t work
I will explain with screenshots


That is just a DNS propagation issue. Wait a couple of hours and that should fix itself.

You have the correct encryption mode set and you have a proper Origin certificate configured on your host’s side, so you are all set :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for 12h, but ok, wait a little more

forgot it

12 hours is a bit long, I guess you might have to force your resolver to flush its cache.

Do you want to wait or try to update?

I’ve probably done everything, I’ll wait

It looks OK from here.

There are a few minor issues with your setup. You have two CNAMEs that are not covered by the Cloudflare certificate. You need to change them to a single label, or purchase a dedicated certificate The two are webdisk.admin and www.admin, you could change these to webdisk-admin or similar.

You might want to either remove the HSTS preload header, or add your site to HSTS preload list yourself. Never a good idea to allow somebody else to ‘accidentally’ add a site because the header was left in place!

HSTS Preload Status: is pending submission to the preload list.

I delete the admin.www and rename another one to webdisk-admin

and waiting for DNS propagation issue

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