My SSL certification expired on my site. Please help!

My website says that my SSL certificate expired this morning @5am PST, but my account doesn’t show any issues with my certificate. Please help if you can!

Here’s my site:

Hi @musicmakescash, it looks like you’ve changed ssl setting and the site loads securely for me. Are you still having issues with it?

Yes, it’s still saying that the connection is not secure [expired SSL Certificate].

ah, I do see the error now, but not consistently. At least not enough to offer any good suggestion. I don’t like that I cannot get consistent results and I’d recommend you get in the support queue to make sure it is provisioned properly. Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. If it’s in place when they get to the ticket they’ll let you know, but at least that way you are in queue.

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I did and am still waiting for help from them. Thanks anyways!

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