My ssl certificate has expired. How can I renew it?

My ssl certificate expired Mar 4, 2022. How can I renew it to install on Godaddy?
Thanks in advance for help

Hello there,

Well, It does not seem to be the issue occurring from Cloudflare. You should rather contact Godaddy support for the same. If its self-signed, contact the vendor or the Developer who issued for you.

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The SSL is by Cloudflare. How can I extract a new valid ssl certificate on Cloudflare?

Is that a Universal SSL?

This is quite weird to me. Are you talking about Edge certificate? If you are a Cloudflare user, then there shouldn’t be such issue. You can check that in your dashboard.

The expired certificate in your screenshot is not from Cloudflare. The issuer value shows as ”self-signed". Cloudflare certificates are issued by a Certificate Authority.

If you are seeking to replace an expired certificate on your origin server and you will only be using it with Cloudflare, you can issue a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate.


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