My SRV record not propagated


i have updated my SRV Records 2 days before. but that not propagated. please help me to resolve the issue

Can you post a picture of it along with your domain name?

You need the entire hostname. It also appears that the target is :orange: Proxied, and that doesn’t proxy email. It should point to a hostname like ‘mail’ that would be a :grey: DNS Only record.


ok. thanks for your information

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Hi sir i have a doubt.
why my target is showing 0 0 993 like this.

I need my target like 0 0 993

how to do that?

My SRV record return

0 0 993

i need only return

0 0 993

how to do that

As I said, it’s because is set to :orange: Proxied.

what is solution for this?

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