My speed test is not running

“The Speed test could not run. returned a status 404.”

This error is shown. What should I do?

Try the things in this Tip, Community Tip - Fixing "The Speed test could not run" and if the 404 persists, you’ll need to contact Support.

For me, accessing the domain returns Cloudflare error: “DNS points to prohibited IP” with error 1000, so assuming the speedtest tries to access your site (reasonable thing to assume :)), it may be failing for the same thing. Why does it say it’s a 404, that, I do not know.

Perhaps in the DNS settings for the domain in CF dashboard, the domain apex (a.k.a. “@” or “root”), it points out to maybe some internal IP (e.g. 10.x, 192.168.x, etc) and not a public website? Also, please make sure that the listed nameservers of your domain in Cloudflare dashboard are CARTER.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM and MEILING.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM

The second interesting thing, is that in this error message, CF sees “my IP” as, which is an IP in CloudFlare’s ASN 13335, which further leads me to conclude that maybe CF is proxying into itself or something like that. Sounds strange that a user would be able to configure something like that, and perhaps a security issue? :open_mouth:

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Thanks Shimi for your reply. I have checked my nameservers and they are as mentioned by you. So, my nameservers has got no issue. Interesting point is my site is getting loaded on some devices and on some it is throwing the same error.
Please help if you know how to solve this issue.

Right now it works for me too… have you changed anything? Maybe removed/changed entries in the DNS tab?

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