My SmartSlider has vanished


Hi Everyone,

I am unsure where my topic fits as I couldnt find a suitable topic.

After recently changing nameservers and using a cloudflare cdn, my SmartSlider (plugin) has vanished on my homepage and im not sure how to get it back. The plugin is still working fine, however the Slider is nolonger displaying.

I have tried creating a ticket for my issue “Request #1420327” but I do not seem to be receiving a respoonce.

Can you supply any advice please as soon as possible as customers have already started to notify me of the page error!



Welcome! Say hello!

Do you have Rocket Loader enabled? I’ve had some features that aren’t compatible with Rocket Loader.

By the way, which SmartSlider plugin is it? At WordPress, I see one that’s really old, and one that’s called Smart Slider 3.


No I do not have the Rocket Loader plugin.
One slider comes with the theme which is unused, and the website is actually using Smart Slider 3.


Rocket Loader is a Cloudflare feature under the Speed tab.

If you look at the raw page HTML code, do you see any indications of the Slider? If you’re using Firefox or Chrome, does Dev Tools Console show any errors?


Auto Minify options are now un-checked (as I was advised to try un-checking these). Speed Loader is also switched off. and I have purged all the cache. Smart Slider 3 is still broken.
I am using Firefox, buti unsure how to look for errors.


I actually found the problem. Autoptimize was conflicting when Optimise Javascript Code was checked and running on a CloudFlare cdn. It appears I can either use my CloudFlare can, or my option to Optimise Javascript Code, but not together. StRaNgE! =/

Anyways, thanks for the advice! It took CloudFlare 5 days to reply to me where as you only took hours. +Rep and browny points! :smiley: