My site's SSL is not working

Hi all.
Today I used Cloud fare to set up SSL certificate for my wordpress site.
Unfortunately not working in that site is still not secure.
I have the Flexible SSL WordPress plugin.
My Clouldflare encryption mode is set to ‘Flexible’.
I have tried it with other encryption modes but still no joy.
Any advice please?

Do you have any error messages? What happens when you visit your site?

Hi. Please see attached screenshot

error 1

The site loads as normal. Next to the URL it says ‘Not secure’ and when that is clicked on the above message pop up shows

Mistake #1.

As evident from a million threads on the forum, Flexible should never be selected and keeps your site insecure. Your site is essentially still on HTTP without a certificate and has everything in plain text.

You should configure a valid certificate on your server and switch to “Full strict”.

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Thank you - all fixed and secure now!

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