My sites seems to work better off cloudflare

I get some funky loading and I can’t seem to find support without make work for hire issues. How can I get a tech to help me?

Hi @welch.k,

This is a community of volunteers. If you want to be helped here (often faster then support), you’d need to provide specific details on what’s not working as expected.

If you need to open a support ticket, you can go to, sign in, click on your username, then My Activities & Requests > Submit a Request > Get More Help.

When I click on submit a request it takes me to a page that has links back to FAQ. For some reason I can’t get the pro version to turn on. I accidentally took my site off of Cloudflare because the remove site link is so close to the pause button I was going back and forth with tech support and took it off. When I put it back on I had to sign up for pro again and it does not seem to be working at all at this point.

Setup another CNAME and disable the HTTP Proxy CDN feature there, directing to the name of your Argo Tunnel (Argo Tunnel alias however can still have HTTP Proxy CDN enabled)

Now routes via closest servers within Australia etc. you can see the changes in the bottom left of the below graph. I am using the PRO plan.

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